Interview With Lynsey Lolita



We sat down and had a chat with Lynsey after getting word of her through the grape vine, and heres what she had to say about herself

My name is Lynsey, I’m 21 living in ardee.. Originally from Dublin, but moved up about 7 or 8 years ago!! Work in The Tattoo Shop here and I love it.. Love piercings tattoos, body mods and anything weird and interesting! I love scary films but always have to watch a funny film after J I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady AND PROUD!!

Are you addicted to anything?? Ummmm probably social networks haha

Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle? Hmmm Derren brown probably done a magic trick on all of them.

Is it wrong for a vegetarian to eat animal crackers? YES! SAVE THE ANIMALS!

What’s the one word in your vocabulary that you use excessively? “like”

Can you cry under water? I can cry enough that I can swim in it if that counts? Just like Alice..

What’s your idea of romance? The Notebook..enough said!




What’s the habit you’re proudest of breaking? Being a lazy ass and finally joining a gym!

The world would be a better place if…? Money grew on trees.

If you found a briefcase of money on the street, would you keep it? Well I don’t think money that was hard earned by an honest worker would be in a suitcase, so yes. But I’d be generous and share it and help out animal shelters and stuff like that.

What three things would you take to a desert island with you? My niece cause she’s funny, sun cream because I burn L and something that I could play music on that wouldn’t die, maybe a solar powered iPod or something

Which colour reflects your personality and why? White because I’m such an angel hahaa

What’s an absolute no-no in a relationship? Hmmm don’t steal my underwear and wear them when I’m not around, and we should be fine. (has never happened before, lets hope it doesn’t)



Do you believe in karma? Yes, kind of…. But why do bad things happen to good people?

Any current news that’s caught your attention? The fire in Brazil in a nightclub that killed like 230 people…

Christmas or Halloween? Halloween is way more fun.

If the world froze for an afternoon and only you could move and no one could see you or remember what you did, what would you do?? Oh be a complete creep.

Why can’t we tickle ourselves? Because a tickle is a way of your body reacting to a shock, and we cant shock ourselves… Sommeeething like that….

What is one thing you could tell us about yourself that others would be shocked to know? My first cd I owned was B*witched.. Maybe not that much of a shock actually.




What is the craziest thing you would do for love or money? Skydive, for either. The thoughts of it makes me nervous, so yeah that would be preettyyyyy crazy to me.

What is the wallpaper on your phone? My cutie gorgeous little niece!!

Did you get enough sleep last night? Yep I sure did!

What’s the first thing you thought about this morning? Can’t wait to get my hair done

What’s the last thing you thought about before you went to sleep last night? Better set my alarm

What do you have handy at your bedside? A cuppa tea

Grilled or Fried? Fried.. give me the grease!

What makes you unique? Well I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one with these exact tattoos, scarification and piercings combined, so? That’s unique I suppose haha




Are you afraid of the dark? Oh yes, like reaaallly afraid of the dark

Favourite hangout? Tea time with the girls haha

3 things you cannot live without? My niece. Music.

Favorite song? I go through phrases.. right now Metallica- Unforgiven part 3

What are you afraid of? The dark!!!!!!!! Spiders and tight spaces..


Model Mayhem:



Lynsey Lolita

1/2/3 Alex Hutchinson Photography

4/6 Peter McCabe

5 .Copyright by JMCD Photography 2012
Concept/Spike Prosthetics/Airbrushing/Make Up/Styling and Hair: CosmAddict Make Up
Photographer:Jason Mc Donald
Model:Lyndsey Mc Geer



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