Dubstep Remix Playlist 1

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Dubstep Remixs

Individual links:

Dubstep – Satisfaction (Brand Blank Dubstep Remix)
deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghosts n Stuff – Nero Remix
Dubstep – Kernkraft 400 (Dubstep Remix)
Rusko – Hold On – Sub Focus Remix
Team Dubstep – Call Me Maybe (Dubstep Remix)
Bell Humble – Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Dubstep – I Love Skrillex (Blackburner Remix)
Jerome – Stars – TheMrEbbyman Dubstep Remix
Dubstep Mafia – Somebody That I Used to Know (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – I Follow Rivers (Dubstep Remix)
Don Diablo & Dragonette – Animale – Datsik Remix
Fred Perry – If I Die Young – Dubstep Remix
The Anix – Sleepwalker (INVADER! Remix)
Dubstep – Dust Eater (Dubstep Remix)
Linkin Park – New Divide – Dubstep Remix
Dubstep Kings – Electric Avenue (Dubstep Remix)
K-Step – Gangnam Style (Electro Dubstep Remix)
Snoop Dogg – Sweat (David Guetta & Afrojack) [Dubstep Remix]
Dubstep – Barbra Streisand (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Starships (Dubstep Remix)
Cystem Override – NUMB – Dubstep remix
Laid Blak – Red – Chasing Shadows Remix
The Game Music Committee – River Flows In You – Dubstep Remix
Porter Robinson – Unison – Knife Party Remix
White Rabbit – White Rabbit (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Take Over Control (Dubstep Remix)
Diplo featuring Lil’ Jon – U Don’t Like Me – Datsik Remix
Cystem Override – Starry Eyed – Dubstep remix
Swan – Bass Cannon – Dubstep Remix
Dubstep Anthems – Kernkraft 400 (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – F**kbook (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Exorcist Theme (Tubular Bells Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Wild Ones (Dubstep Remix)
Blame – On My Own – Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix
Dubstep – Your Woman (Dubstep Remix)
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (Wunderbros Dubstep Remix)
Oktored – E.T. – Dubstep Remix
Pierre Cardin – Lights – Dubstep Remix
Dubstep – Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2 (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Girl – Born Free (AgGa Lady Dubstep Remix)
KRS-One – We Will Rock You (Dubstep Remix)
Blame – Star – Doctor P No Rap Remix
Shock One – Polygon – Dirtyphonics Remix
Red Titanic – Wicked Game (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Infinity 2012 (Dubstep Remix)
Ctrl Z – Ruff Neck 09 – Excision and Datsik Remix
Snoop Dogg – Sweat (David Guetta & Afrojack) [Dubstep Remix]
Virus Syndicate – Party Up (Up In Here) (Dubstep Remix)
Pierre Cardin – If I Die Young – Dubstep Remix
Bob Marley – Mr. Brown (Dubstep Remix)
Dj Dubstepper – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) [Dubstep Remix]
Bar9 – Shaolin Style – Nero Remix
Team Dubstep – Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep Remix)
MC “Hood Banger” Lite – U Can’t Touch This (Dubstep Remix)
12th Degree – Lone Hitman (Dubstep Remix)
DJ Alex S. – Tobuscus Dubstep Remix – “Gimme That” (feat. Toby Turner)
Porter Robinson – The State – SKisM Remix
Viper9 – All I Want – Eyes Remix
Team Dubstep – Ma Cherie (Dubstep Remix)
Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Smoke Out Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Dust Eater (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Too Close (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – Riders On the Storm (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – White Horse (Dubstep Remix)
Running Music – Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep Remix)
Blackburner – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Dubstep Remix)
Left For Dead – Firework (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – Dazzey Duks (Dubstep Remix)
Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – White Rabbit (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Satisfaction (Brand Blank Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Euphoria (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Drive By (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – Take Over Control (Dubstep Remix)
J.J. Fad – Supersonic (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – Whole Lotta Love (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – Rock The Cashbah (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – Whip It (Dubstep Remix)
Charlie Chan – Paradise – Dubstep Remix
Ark 3 – Uprising (Dubstep Remix)
Major Lazer featuring Mr. Lexx & Santigold – Hold The Line – Skream Remix
Shannon – Electric Slide (Dubstep Remix)
FunkyStepz – For U – Dodge & Fuski Remix
Wu-Tang Clan – New Year Banga (Rogue Star Remix)
Dubstep – Wicked Game (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Angels (Dubstep Remix)
Caspa – Fulham 2 Waterloo – Emalkay Remix
Tony Anthem – Fire Bun – Dubstep Mix
Toots & The Maytals – Higher Ground (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep – Das Model (DJ Kraft Master Remix)
The Crystal Method featuring LMFAO – Sine Language (Datsik Remix)
Dubstep – Mr. Roboto (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Adagio For Strings (Backburner Remix)
Dubstep – Redemption (Dubstep Remix)
Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Turn All the Lights On (Dubstep Remix)
Jessica Jean – Calling All The Monsters (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Jump (Dubstep Remix)
Halo – Secrets  (Dubstep Remix)
Blackburner – Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Barbra Streisand (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Hot Right Now (Dubstep Remix)
The Westside Gaming – Somebody That I Used To Know – Bombs Away Dubstep Remix
Spor – Pacifica – Chasing Shadows Remix
Dubstep – Charlie Brown (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Hungarian Dance n.5 (Dubstep Remix)
Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie (Dubstep Remix)
Dubgirl – Complicated (Dubstep Remix)
Remedy – Omen (Dubstep Remix)
Redstar – Skyrim Main Theme (Dubstep Remix)
Breakage feat. Neham Generals & David Rodigan – Hard – Caspa & The Others Remix
Dazz – No Parking (On The Dance Floor) [Dubstep Remix]
Wu-Tang Clan – Street Corners (Scuba Scythe Remix)
Tami Noe – The Other Side (feat. Tami Noe) [Dubstep Remix]
Melanie – Brand New Key “Rollerskate Song” (Dubstep Remix)
Wu-Tang Clan – Keep Hustlin (Trillbass Remix)
Team Dubstep – Louder (Dubstep Remix)
Mashtoko – Tokyo Nightlife (Dubstep Remix) – Dubstep Remix
Dubstep – Krewella – Remix
Team Dubstep – Endless Summer (Dubstep Remix)
S.P.Y – By Your Side – Logistics Remix
Dubstep Anthems – Das Model (DJ Kraft Master Remix)
Bob Marley – Fussin and Fighting (Tough Dubstep Remix)
Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now – JFB Remix
Pop Magicians – Call Me Maybe – Dubstep Remix
Edgar Froese – Kashmir (feat. Edgar Froese) [Dubstep Remix]
Tim Healey – Rock It Roll It – Dirtyloud Remix
Toots & The Maytals – 54-46 Was My Number (Dubstep Remix)
Na Palm – She Like that ( Dubstep Remix ) (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya (Cold Chill Remix)
Team Dubstep – Party Shaker (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Wide Awake (Dubstep Remix)
Jagged Edge – Let’s Get Married (Dubstep Remix)
Wu-Tang Clan – Cinema (Chimpo Remix)
RackNRuin – Dazed & Confused – SKiSM’s Baroque Out Remix
Team Dubstep – As Long As You Love Me (Dubstep Remix)
Wu-Tang Clan – Knuckle Up (Matt U Remix)
Ready Set Dubstep Start – Pipes, Bass & Space (Tron Daddy Remix)
DMX – What’s My Name? (Dubstep Club Remix)
Mount Kimbie – Maybes – James Blake Remix
Moguai feat. Fiora – Oxygen – Jacob Plant Remix
Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Brand Blank Remix)
Crookers – Business Man – Dz Remix
Fourward – Authority VIP
Igness – Berlin Morning – Tom Corman Dubstep Remix
Dubstep Junkie – Feel the Love (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Anthems – Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2 (Dubstep Remix)
Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – You Got to Go – Seven Lions Remix
Virus Syndicate – Money (Dubstep Remix)
Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Dubstep Remix)
Dubstep Mafia – Somebody That I Used to Know (Brand Blank Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Tacata (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Primadonna (Dubstep Remix)
Burman – In the Air Tonight (Dubstep Remix)
Charlie Chan – Strange Clouds – Dubstep Remix
Mitis – Take It Out On Me – MitiS Remix
DaVIP – Iginition – Bare Noize Remix
Workout Music – Workout Music: Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep Remix) 140 Bpm
Thea Austin – Take On Me (Dubstep Remix)
Ben Kumar – Street Lights Remix
Cazzi Opeia – My Heart In 2 – Re:trax – Dubstep Remix
Team Dubstep – Stereo Hearts (Dubstep Remix)
Teenage Color – We Are Young (Electro Dubstep Remix)
Wu-Tang Clan – Coke (DZ Remix)
The Game Music Committee – Angry Birds – Dubstep Remix
Team Dubstep – 50 Ways to Say Goodbye (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – Windows Down (Dubstep Remix)
Noisia – Split The Atom – Kito Remix
Charlie Chan – Stereo Hearts – Dubstep Remix
Dominique Karan – Too Close (Dubstep Remix)
Oktored – Rhythm is a Dancer – Dubstep Remix
Noisia – Alpha Centauri – Excision and Datsik Remix
Pop Magicians – I Follow Rivers – Dubstep Remix
Team Dubstep – Call My Name (Dubstep Remix)
Skism – The Blank – 16Bit Remix
Team Dubstep – S&M (Dubstep Remix)
Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang (DZ Remix)
The Coasters – Yakety Yak (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – She Doesn’t Mind (Dubstep Remix)
Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair (Dubstep Remix)
Team Dubstep – 2012 (If the World Would End) [Dubstep Remix]
Sir Kasmic – Moon – Dust (Dubstep Remix)
Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love – Nu:Tone Remix
Team Dubstep – Get Low (Dubstep Remix)
Blackburner – Dust Eater (Dubstep Remix)
RackNRuin feat. Janai & Illaman – Dazed & Confused – SKisM’s Baroque Out Remix
Team Dubstep – Burn It Down (Dubstep Remix)


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